Kong - Gyro Puppies / Little Dogs
Kong - Gyro Puppies / Little Dogs

Kong - Gyro Puppies / Little Dogs

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What could be better than chasing after a toy that rolls across the floor, spins around and leaves a trail of tasty treats? The KONG Gyro for Puppies will keep your pooch entertained and it will be rewarded for its efforts with delicious snacks. This toy is suitable for puppies and small dogs. 

This KONG toy is shaped like the rings of Saturn with a swivelling ball inside and will roll around unpredictably across the floor. Fill the toy with snacks or dry food and keep your pup busy as it nudges, rolls and paws at this toy to get at the treats. The KONG Gyro for Puppies is made from resilient yet soft materials, making it perfect for curious young dogs. 

KONG Gyro for Puppies at a glance: 

  • Entertaining toy with Saturn rings for puppies and dogs weighing up to 18kg
  • Plenty of variety: rolls and topples around, ball can be removed 
  • Treats while playing: can be filled with treats or dry food, your pup can get at the food by rolling, pushing or pawing at the toy
  • Encourages solo playing: trains your dog to keep itself busy with a toy
  • Puppy-friendly materials: ring made of TPE is soft yet durable
  • High-quality from the KONG range
  • Colour: blue/ pink (colour combination cannot be selected)
  • Materials: 60% thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), 40% polypropylene 

Size: 13 x 13 x 7.5 cm

Attention: there's no warranty on toys !