Tasty Bone Trio - Chicken (Giant)

Tasty Bone Trio - Chicken (Giant)

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Tasty Bone only use human consumption grade flavours with no animal content, salt, sugar, additives or preservatives. Only the finest quality materials are used to manufacture tough and tasty chew, treat and play toys that dog’s love worldwide. Now that's what we call tail waggingly good.

TastyBone is:

  • almost indestructible for adult dogs
  • helps to fight plaque & tartar due to the rough surface
  • the rough surfaces forms during chewing
  • scrapings (no larger than a grain of rice) that are released and possibly swallowed, will come out naturally
  • attractive taste that is retained throughout its life

Large: 20 centimeters

ATTENTION: once the product has become so small that it can be swallowed, it must be replaced.